Prendre son destin en main grâce à l'éducation

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La confiance en soi à travers l'éducation

More than half of girls lose self-confidence during puberty. This confidence drops to its lowest level with the arrival of the first period. One of the main reasons: the lack of information. Two-thirds of young girls are not sufficiently informed about the bodily changes associated with puberty. ALWAYS is here to change things.

ALWAYS Puberty and Confidence Education Program

ALWAYS' puberty and confidence education program has been helping young girls, teachers and parents for over 30 years. By providing free educational resources and examples, it helps young girls better understand the bodily changes of puberty and offers solutions. Endorsed by UNESCO and followed by more than 500 million education professionals, the program reaches more than 17 million people each year in more than 70 countries.

Through innovative pedagogical approaches, teachers awaken their students to the difficulties and solutions that concern them directly. In addition, specific resources adapted to each country and cultural sensitivity make the content of the program accessible to all.

Encouraging Girls to Continue Sport

Sport is essential for building and maintaining self-confidence. Why do so many young girls stop playing sports at puberty? They need to feel part of a team and participate in a sporting challenge. ALWAYS has therefore provided ready-to-use tools for teachers, coaches, organizations and parents.

Building self-confidence with TED.


TED has partnered with ALWAYS' #LikeAGirl mission as a Confidence Training Partner.

TED and ALWAYS create a unique partnership to develop TED-Ed educational audio-visual resources. They offer educators, students and girls the very latest techniques to improve self-confidence at puberty. To learn more about TED-Ed, visit .

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ALWAYS #LikeAGirl Self-Confidence Summit


Benefit from the experience of the best self-confidence experts and be inspired by testimonials from young girls around the world.

On July 7, 2015, ALWAYS launched the #LikeAGirl Self-Confidence Summits in 10 cities. They were an opportunity to present ALWAYS' new self-confidence education program, designed in partnership with TED and leading specialists in education and self-confidence. Opinion leaders, educators and influential young girls spoke.

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Our hard fight #LikeAGirl
ALWAYS helps young girls around the world

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